DoubleChecked was made by an MSP, for an MSP.

It's simple. Both to deploy and manage. We don't want to create "yet another system" that an MSP or IT department has to manage, rather provide them a tool that is as simple as the click of a mouse. By creating integrations with existing MSP or IT department applications, we can integrate with your existing workflows and not add another complexity to the already complex landscape.

It's secure. By only allowing authentication from systems (mobile devices, PC's) that have been previously authorized, you can ensure that the person you are conversing with is who they say they are. If something doesn't match, or feels wrong, the support session ends until further verification can be made, or forcing the user to authenticate with multiple forms ensuring they are physically in possession of multiple authentication factors. 

It's inexpensive. The market is flooded with "security" applications and systems that promise to keep you secure, and they all cost a fortune. DoubleChecked was made by an MSP, for an MSP. We know the daily struggles and cost of doing business. DoubleChecked wants to ensure you can stay profitable, while also securing your business and customers from attacks.

It's peace of mind. By taking the guesswork out of customer service interactions, you can ensure that you're doing everything possible to keep your clients secure. Why take the risk of split second decisions causing the downfall of your organization, and your clients. 

It's Simple & Secure, Seriously.